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Component Parts Plus.

A Division of Valentine Industries Inc.
Send us your Drawing
s and we will ship your parts to your door!

At Component Parts Plus, we offer state-of-the-art laser cutting and CNC services to deliver flawless results tailored to your specifications. Our commitment to quality ensures that your projects are always a success.

1. Our CNC cutting services utilize advanced computer-controlled machinery to precisely shape and carve materials, offering high-quality and customized solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.


2. With our laser cutting services, we harness the power of focused laser beams to effortlessly cut through various materials with incredible precision, ensuring clean edges, intricate detailing, and efficient production.



Valentine Industries is now a full-service metal cabinet design firm, we use laser services for designing and manufacturing what we think to be the finest bespoke metal cabinets on the market.

Your garage is more than simply a storage space for your automobiles.
It also serves as a valuable storage room and a location to experiment with DIY projects.
You can make the most of this extra space by using one-of-a-kind garage organizers that are tailored to your personal requirements.



Valentine industries and its employees are committed to meeting customer and legal requirements to achieve customer satisfaction. we will always strive to provide quality products on time and continually improve our Quality Management System.


new ideas

We use in-house 3D modelling such as Solidworks and Auto Cad. Creating ideas from scratch.

Send us what you need and we will make it happen.

selection of materials

We work with High pressure laminates, Sheet metal up to 3/8" thick, Glass, plastics, Stone Etc.

Contact our sales team for more info.


The process begins with you having a rough idea of what you want, possibly a photo or design of a comparable item that you like. The custom design process allows you to be closely involved in the production of an item that is unique to you and only for you.


We offer shipping and installation everywhere in Continental US and installation services.

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