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LPL - Low Pressure Laminate

LPL or Low pressure laminate (Also known as Melamine) is thermally bonded to particleboard or MDF panels. LPL must be applied to the front and back of the panel to keep the panel balanced. Sometimes a brown backer is applied to the bottom if color is not needed. This is produced in higher volumes than High Pressure Laminate (HPL). It is thinner (about .007") than HPL and is more economical. Since it is thinner, it has less impact resistance than HPL. The insides of cabinets, store fixtures, POP displays, and shelving are common uses of this product.

HPL - High Pressure Laminate

HPL or High Pressure Laminate is about the most durable laminate available. It is made of several sheets of paper that get bonded together using high pressure presses. It is used in many horizontal applications such as counter tops and higher quality table tops. On vertical surfaces, it is commonly used for doors and drawer fronts of cabinets. HPL has higher impact resistance than most other laminates. The product gets glued on to the panel generally using a PVA glue. Usually a backer is used to prevent warping or the colored laminate is on both surfaces.


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